The game

Discover the old city of Geneva and its freaky stories in a fun and instructive game.

Compete against other teams and earn a maximum of points to win the prize.

Guided by a brochure, you will have to solve riddles and complete challenges to find the Gold Cup with magicals powers!​

During your search you will have the opportunity to stop in 4 bars where blind tastings will be proposed to you. Take the time to analyze your beers to earn maximum of points to be the winning team and win a pack of 6 craft beers from the region !

The Gold Cup's story

the only trace of it's existence is in the professor's diary.

After the death of his grandfather, the professor learns that his ancestor was part of the secret society of the Calvinist brotherhood.

By sorting out the affairs of his late grandfather, the professor found a mysterious briefcase containing enigmatic documents. Among the many yellowed documents he finds enigmatic texts telling about a legendary Gold Cup with magical powers.


Hidden for hundreds of years, the only trace of it's existence is in the professor's diary, which will guide you in your quest.

Difficulty level :


Number of tastings:


Winner Prize:

Pack of 6 beers


About 3h30 (correction included)

*Price per person :

50 CHF

Success rate :



Old town of Geneva

* For participants who want to do the course without tastings, the price of participation to the game is 25 CHF .




La Ruée vers l'orge

Mode Promeneur

Sans limite de temps, profitez d'une balade accompagnée de dégustations pour découvrir Genève d'une autre manière !

Le Vin-tage

Rallye vin

Un subtil mélange entre Escape Game et jeu de piste !

Stratégie, cohésion de groupe et imagination sont les maîtres mots pour réussir ce jeu hors du

commun !

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